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FossatiDesignCGI Artist

Via Aurelia Sud 286 Arcola (Sp) 19021

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With a background rich in experience in 3D modeling and the art of photorealistic rendering, I am passionately dedicated to creating visual representations that transcend the ordinary, specializing in elevating the aesthetic and functional value of projects in the fields of architecture, interior design and nautical.


My expertise spans a broad spectrum of projects, from the most intricate architectural details to spectacular nautical creations, translating abstract ideas into stunning three-dimensional visualizations. My mission is to transform the vision of each project into a tangible and engaging form, where every aspect, from the smallest detail to the vast overview, is represented with extraordinary realism.


My meticulous approach is evident in the attention to detail of the visualizations, which go beyond simple graphical representation. Collaborating closely with industry professionals, I work to ensure that images are not only aesthetically appealing, but also effective communication tools. I transform concepts into images that facilitate understanding and approval of the proposed design, thus helping to overcome presentation challenges.


Beyond visual creation, my strength also lies in the ability to creatively tackle any presentation obstacles. I tackle challenges with ingenious solutions, ensuring every project exceeds expectations. My dedication to staying at the forefront of the latest technologies in 3D modeling and rendering results in cutting-edge visual results that adapt to the evolutions of the world of design and architecture.


In summary, my mission is to go beyond simply creating 3D visualizations and become an ally in the effective presentation of projects. I offer solutions that transform ideas into extraordinary visual experiences, tackling presentation challenges with creativity, precision and unparalleled commitment.


Render and Fotorealism CGI Artist

Render and Fotorealism CGI Artist
Render and Fotorealism CGI Artist
Render and Fotorealism CGI Artist